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Historical Analysis & Hindcast Services

Historical data analysis is critical to understand the overall vulnerability of a particular structure, vessel, or operation to various weather environments around the world. WWT provides historical wind, wave, temperature, and storm data, to assist you with project development, site selection, engineering, design, and scheduling.

  • Return Period Analysis: maximum conditions experienced at a given site-specific location over a 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 year period.
  • Percent Frequency Analysis: monthly averages of winds and/or seas at a given site-specific location. Wind rose graphical output is available. Ideal analysis to determine expected downtime for a particular project/operation.
  • Tropical Cyclone Analysis: customized to meet requirements, but usually covers average frequency of tropical cyclone impact and/or analysis of all past tropical cyclone events at a particular location.
  • Hindcast Analysis: customized, thorough analysis of all archived metocean data for a specific weather event or over a long term period.


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