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Offshore operators frequently encounter project disruptions due to excessive currents. In the absence of guidance, the lack of understanding in the forecast trend leads to unplanned operational cost. Traditional solutions based on satellite, drifter buoy, and ADCP analysis with high-resolution modelling are typically cost-prohibitive for smaller scale projects and field service providers. This common problem is addressed through a unique offering from Wilkens Weather Technologies through the use of global current modelling. Used in conjunction with your daily weather forecast reports, WWT offers ocean current guidance forecast services in support of global offshore operations. The objective of the service is to provide geospatial and site-specific awareness of ocean current conditions, and their expected changes for the upcoming 120-hours (5-days) in order for operators to understand the anticipated trend in conditions.

Report Options include a wide-area current chart, forecast charts, and/or site-specific forecasts for the upcoming 5-days. Charts are customized to your area of interest and preferences, with your location plotted for easy reference.

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Loop & Eddy Monitoring and 3D Current Profile Forecasting

For operations requiring a service level above the cost-effective guidance level reports, WWT integrates latest generation Surface and 3D Ocean Current forecasting solutions, provided by our regional partners for full global coverage. Please request information from your contact at WWT if this is the support level you require.

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