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"Thanks for the support that you provided to bpTT in ensuring that the weather conditions were understood by taking the time to explain to myself. This was again very valuable since this insight allowed us to make the right decisions with respect to the rig move.  I'm pleased to advise this morning that the Monitor rig was successfully moved from its location on Flamboyant to Chagaramas.  I wanted to specially thank Rudy who went out of his way to call me personally during this critical time to ensure that I always had the latest information on the weather. Thanks to the entire support team at Wilkens and may you all be blessed." - Carlyle L Kalloo, Wells Team Leader, BP Trinidad & Tobago LLC

"Please accept my thanks for your excellent weather reports which are of vital importance to us, are received with gratitude and scrutinised in depth.  I shall be grateful if you will be kind enough to pass our thanks to all of the Wilkens Team looking after us." - Ross Watson, Towmaster Sedco 700, Transocean Ltd.

"Thank you for your service over the recent weeks. I can confirm that the forecasts for the areas of operations: Claymore & Buzzard have been accurate both in time and values (Buchan area works was deferred). This accuracy and reliability has been commented on at our morning planning meetings, at which time the weather is always the most critical factor being considered." - Steve Williams, Acergy Northern Europe and Canada

"Just a brief note, with luck I will get off this boat in the next 6 hrs, but I would like to thank you for the accuracy of your forecasts particularly over the last 5 weeks. They have been the best we have received in the past 18 months. Not always the weather we wanted, but what we got was accurately forecast." - Simon, Party Chief M/V Ramform Sovereign, PGS Geophysical

"We ran our operation always with a consideration of your supplied forecasts, I must say it has been one of the most reliable and indicative forecast supply I have ever had to work with. There were times that I wished you had been wrong, so we were not impacted by weather, but alas you were accurate again. Thank you for the service and I guarantee we will certainly be your customer again with our next off-shore operation." - Alistair Chomley, Drilling Operations Manager, Alpine Oil & Gas

"Your willingness to work with us, and the insight we always get from Wilkens Weather has been of great value to us. During both Hurricane's Isadore and Lili we used the data from your service to determine our evacuation and response. Your "site specific" data and the new interactive Gulf of Mexico graphics page were very helpful. We appreciate the timely reports and uninterrupted service." - Captain P.A. Allred, Marine Superintendent, J. Ray McDermott.

"On behalf of New Zealand Overseas Petroleum Limited and their partners I would like to thank you (WWT) for a job well done. As can be seen by the attached drilling time curves the Tui-1 was one of the best wells drilled to date offshore New Zealand. Your expertise helped us successfully drill the Tui-1 to TD with a minimal amount of non productive time, on target, on budget, and to specifications - 7 logging runs at TD without a conditioning trip. All done safely without any accidents or incidents. I am looking forward to working with you in the future. Again, thanks for a job well done." - Tom Stroud, Drilling Superintendent, New Zealand Overseas Petroleum.

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the Wilkens Weather Service website during the Hurricane Katrina.... I utilized the site from home most of the weekend as I was trying to mobilize a job into the Western Gulf of Mexico; once Katrina made it to shore...needless to say, she changed her mind on the direction she would take and messed up everyone's plans! I guess what I appreciated most about the site was the accuracy of the information combined with the fact that you didn't have the "drama" effect that you get from the Weather Channel or other outlets. It was just the facts...and the facts were very accurate. I now have the site in my "favorites" both at home and at work...." - Mark Greenley, Facilities Engineer, Stone Energy Corporation.
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